Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Hi everyone,

it's me again.

Just heard from the building owner that the flooring guys were indeed in there today, and will also be doing their thing Thursday and Friday. So that writes this week off for me (and you guys too). As expected. Walls we can ignore - floors we have to stand on...

I actually opened up yesterday (Tuesday) and had a relatively normal day booking repairs in for work, and having other repairs collected (and paid for). Seven guitars in, five guitars out - just about normal!

I did this with a skeleton version of the shop ( a bench, a laptop, my old tuner, my EFTPOS machine) and it was ok. If I have to do this for the next week or so, so that you can drop your guitars in to me, I can repair them, and you can pick them up and pay for them (!), then all will be fine. Just as it ever was.

Only differences will be that:

a) I do ALL of the repairs in my home workshop for the time problem.

b) The guitars for sale (both mine and those on consignment) won't be on display (although I am going to post them all on this journal, just in case any one is interested). There may even be some splendid deals  (given that my cash flow has temporarily become a cash-trickle...).

c) Temporarily at least, my little shop won't have all of the interesting, amusing, and hopefully enlightening paraphernalia that was there to engage you (while I was ignoring you while on the 'phone to someone else). I can guarantee that the re-born version of my silly little shop will be even more interesting and welcoming.

Everything else will be pretty-much as it has been for the last twelve years (that I've been open and trading in Lismore).

If you do drop by my shop and I'm not there, you can always book your guitar in with one of the other local music shops - Planet Music, Russell's Music, Byron Music, and also Valiant Music. I have a great relationship with all of these stores, do repairs for all of them, and they will be happy to book your guitar in so that I can pick it up and repair it.

Please assume that next week I will be open as usual, But if you're coming from some distance, please contact me the day before to make sure I'll be there.

Can I just say this..."Aaaaargggghhh!"

Thanks, as always, for your support. It will be back to normal soon!!