Monday, 8 May 2017


Hi everyone,

my shop will be closed this week as the building is now being renovated after the flood.

I spoke to the builder in charge of the restoration, a thoroughly splendid chap, and he has given me a clearer outline of what has to happen.

I will be closed this week (commencing Monday 8th May) as they are pulling up the under-carpet flooring. This is apparently fibro-cement (asbestos), and the removal has to meet all kinds of government and environmental protocols. After that, the builders will assess the damage to the flooring and will, in consultation with the owner, decide on whether to re-carpet (in water-proof marine carpet) or restore (as polished floorboards).

Trust me dear folk, I have lobbied, nay..harangued, my dear landlord to get this thing fixed ASAP.

The builder in charge of the restoration has assured me that I WILL be able to move back in at some time next week, albeit in a limited way, as they finish the flooring restorations.

That's fine: if I have a bench at the shop, my laptop, my trusty old tuner, a soldering iron, a box or two of parts, and room for your incoming and outgoing guitars, that will be fine for a week or so. As most of you probably know, I do more than half of the repairs at my workshop at home, so I should be able to work more-or-less as normal, and be able to get your repairs done more-or-less as normal too.

On a positive note, the down-time away from the shop will also allow me to make significant headway on some of those long-term repairs and restorations that I have in progress.

I'll add updates to this journal each day or so over the next week. If you have any questions or concerns about your guitars, please email or phone - I will be checking email and the Telstra answering service every day.

It will all be back to normal (or what passes for normal around here) soon.