Monday, 15 May 2017


Hi folks,

I will be open tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 16th). The flooring contractors are commencing their gig on Wednesday, so it looks likely that I won't be able to get in there for the rest of the week.

I WILL be open next week.

It will be pretty spartan, but I will be there. You'll be able to pickup and drop off guitars as usual. And I'm hoping to fully move back in, and have things more-or-less back to normal, the following week. With splendid new(ish) decor.

For the next week or two it may be wise to contact me, either by 'phone or email, before you drop by. Just in case. My schedule might get tangled up the builder's schedule - and I want to make it as easy as possible for them to do their thing, so that I can have my little shop back.

I will update this page, as well as my answering machine message and the signs I've stuck up around the building, as things progress.

I don't do this often, but I'm going to go a bit political here: The irony here is that my landlord has his building insured. If he didn't, then I would have gathered up a few friends and we'd have done the bloody restoration in about three days. This delay, and me having to move in-and-out of the place like a yo-yo, is all down to the fact that the joint was insured.
I couldn't get flood insurance (they all laughed at me) so, as well as hating them 'cause I couldn't get flood insurance, I'd probably also hate them if I could!

Admittedly, if I was a brazillionaire, and owned a bunch of properties, I might think differently.

But all of the shops that got back up and running within a week or two were the family businesses and owner-operators that also couldn't get insurance and consequently had a flood plan, and absolutely had to get back in shape as soon as possible. These are all pretty courageous people, and are the soul of the town.

The empty shops (mainly franchises, chain-store, and banks) are all insured, and their re-opening dates are in the hands of the insurance companies. Not sure if you saw the article in the Star last week, but most of these businesses have said that they will eventually be re-opening.

I DO have a flood plan! I watch the BOM website like a hawk (not least for the humidity forecasts, important for gluing and spraying) and at the slightest hint of possible flooding I move all the stuff either out or upstairs. I've done this eight times since I've been here.

Anyway. In the words of the respected former Governor Of California..."I'll be back..."


I want my little shop back!

Don't hesitate to 'phone or email if you'd like to call me. It's a bit messy, but I'm answering most calls within a couple of days.

See y'all soon,
thanks for your support,