Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Hi everyone,

thanks to all of you who continue to read this journal and support me and my little shop. I hope to keep-on fixing your guitars, and making them play better, for many years to come.

I may have said this before but "the building renovations are almost done!" Hah!

I can only laugh about it now, no point being pissed off any more! But the final woodwork (skirting boards etc.) will be finished tomorrow. Finally. Apparently...

I've actually been back in the shop and open as usual for the last few weeks. Doing guitar repairs as I've always done. The decor and fittings are slowly coming together, my tools and parts are back in place, and I'm gradually picking up the rhythm of the whole thing again. I've got quite a bit of work on (and a decent backlog to catch up on) but most importantly the whole wonderful balancing act is back in the ring, and just as it ever was. Phew.

Only slight issue is that the account spreadsheet has spread itself a little thin. Back to normal is good - two months of limited income is bad.

So I've decide to have a "sale". It's a modest one to be honest - the two items on "sale" so far are a couple of guitars that I made a few years ago that have, so far, inexplicably not found a home. Photos are attached...

First is the Scintilla "Green Dolphin". Thinline "Telecaster" style, American red alder with a swamp ash cap, rock-maple neck, Fender pickups, hand-made, absolutely one-of-kind. I had it listed at $3295. If you have $2295, it's yours.

Second is the AK "Cherry Special". Single-piece Honduran mahogany body, Honduran mahogany neck, Gibson P-90 pickups, PRS-style neck. One-piece body! It's technically a Gibson Les Paul Special but with an ergonomic Strat-style body. I had it listed at $3295. Also now at $2295.

Nevertheless! My shop is fully functional again, even I seem to be so (!), and all is, thankfully, just as it ever was. Yay!

Feel free to drop by for a chat (or a guitar repair) any time soon.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Hi again,

it's been a while since I last posted, but that's because it's all been (well, almost all been) good news. The shop has been open as usual for the last three weeks, and I'm gradually gathering it all back up again. The final renovations should be finished by the end of this week, and things will be back to the way they were.

My dear landlord has gone way overboard with the renovation thing, way more than just mere flood-restoration, and the place is starting to look quite spiffing. To be honest, I wish he'd just thrown a cheap carpet down, so that I could open up and trade as normal ASAP, but no-one can argue with the good doctor, and he has had his way. His lovely old building will look splendid, and mere tenants (such as I) can bask in this splendour. I sure hope all of you dear friends and customers of mine fully appreciate the commitment that my landlord has made. At my expense...

Did I say that out loud? Oh, yikes, I did.

Ah well.

All good now, folks. I'm back open and all is as it was. More than happy to see you all, and to once again make your guitars play as well as they can.

I'm going to post on this journal at least once a month from now on. I'll let you all know about interesting jobs that I have done, anything curious, recent developments, and guitar stuff in general.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, or anything interesting you have to offer.

In the next post I'll be listing a few "sale" prices on some of my guitars. I have to catch up on the down-time caused by the floods. If there is one of my guitars that you've had your eye on, it may very well be quite a bit cheaper for a month or so...

Keep well,