Friday, 7 April 2017

7 April 2017

Howdy folks, it's me again...

Shop is clean as a whistle, and pretty dry. Doctor Ken is going to keep the jet-dryers going all weekend.  Health and hygiene regulations require that his practice be bone-dry and free from mould, and this is exactly what a guitar shop requires too.

I will be open as usual next week from Tuesday 1.00pm.

At the moment, my little shop is not as cosy as it used to be (it's a barren couple of rooms, to be honest), but I'll gradually shake it all back into place. I have a few cunning plans...

First consideration is that I have enough tools, parts, and supplies to be able to do for you guys what I've always done - which is to repair your guitars as well and as reasonably quickly as I can. I lost a lot of my stock of small parts ( sockets, switches etc.), and tools, but also saved quite a bit, so hopefully I can do almost as many "on-the-spot" repairs as I'd always tried to do. Some repairs may take a bit longer as I order the parts in as required. I will be re-stocking as quickly as I can afford.

A small business like mine, especially one in the music industry, is a fragile thing. I'm sure that most of you musicians are in the same place - we all live week to week in the service of this silly shit that we love. This has hammered me a bit - I didn't need to lose $10,000 worth of parts, books, tools etc., - but, at the same time, that's just stuff. The thing that I do, which is making your guitars play well, fixing them if they're broken, and disseminating whatever knowledge I've learned so that this mysterious device ain't so mysterious any more, will continue.

For those of you who currently have a guitar with me for repair: some of them may already be done! I'm going to try to get most of the other short turnaround repairs finished over this weekend. The ones that I can't get done then will be worked on over the following week. If you have a guitar with me at the moment, and you're a little concerned as to it's condition, please call me! Otherwise I'll be calling y'all as soon as I've finished the job. This may be in a batch at the end of the day, rather than 11.16 am or whenever I did actually finish the job.

If you're nervous about calling me, and wondering if your guitar made it through the flood, please call or email ASAP.

All guitars that people cared about made it to much higher ground before the river got spooky.

It was spooky nonetheless...

Normal trading next week, open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, 1.00pm - 5.00pm. Next Friday is Easter, so I'll be closed.

Don't be shy to call or email,

Hope y'all made it through the deluge and are fine,