Monday, 3 April 2017


Hi everyone,

We finally got into the shop today. Lismore is a true disaster zone. Please support the good people and businesses of Lismore just as you've always done. Shit happens, and sometimes it does happen to you.

I've been having nightmares for the last three days, and probably cultivating a wonderful ulcer, but can't imagine ever being so happy to have had a metre of water through my shop. I was expecting three metres...

So yes, my little shop is a bit of a mess. I got the majority of the guitars to higher ground before the deluge, and most of the remaining guitars, some parts, most tools etc., remained about 3"" (75mm) above the water line. If you've been to my shop, and can recall the layout, my benches are at 1050", The tall rack-shelf in the back room is 1200mm.

The water level in the shop was 903mm.

I have lost a lot of parts and accessories, not a critical amount, but more than a bit. Saddest thing may be that my nice collection of books, a fine resource if there ever was one, is no more. They were housed in a chipboard bookshelf, along with my 47-year old collection of Guitar Player magazines. The cheap chipboard completely crumbled into a sad heap by being inundated, and all of the content fell down into the muddy water and turned into pulp.

Thank god I memorised them kidding, folks.

OK, that's enough about me. If you have a guitar with me at the moment, either booked in for repair, or awaiting collection after repair, please get in touch. There are quite a few completed repairs stashed on higher ground - if you need them this week please let me know a day in advance and I'll bring them in for you.

I will be there this week cleaning up. I aim to be back trading as normal (or what passes for normal at my place, at least) next week.

Special thanks to the guys who came by the shop today to help out.

I'll do another update tomorrow.