Sunday, 4 June 2017


Hi folks,

finally...I will be fully open again this Tuesday 6th June. The anniversary of D-Day (which was co-incidentally also on a Tuesday). So now we know that the calendar repeats itself exactly after 73 years. It had been beginning to feel like it would be 73 years before I could re-open...

Clearly the threat I suggested in my last post (that I would get Lisa to do the renovations) worked. My shop (which many of you will know as being two small rooms in an old office building) would have taken two tradesmen about two-and-a-half days to fix. It is now, after a month, more-or-less done. I'm beginning to think that my little business was not high on the list of my landlord's priorities...

But all good.

In a fit of optimism I had hoped that this "down-time" from being open would allow me to make decent progress on the long-term jobs (restorations, re-finishes etc.) that I have on the books, but it didn't quite work out that way. I spent more time moving in and out of the shop, moving guitar cases around in my overwhelmed workshop, and searching for parts (for the jobs I actually got to work on) in the storage boxes cluttering my shed, than I did fixing the guitars. So I'm pretty well where I was (with that stuff) before the flood.

My long-standing "one shop, two workshop" strategy has worked fine for the last 12 years. This recent "no shop, one workshop" paradigm has failed miserably.

But enough of this negativity-ism-ness... back to normal this week! Yay!

Be there or be square!